Raise your hand if this video brings back a memory or two:

I think we all can agree that the internet and the way we use the internet has changed in the last 20 years! What you may not realize is how much has changed in just the last year and how quickly things continue to advance.

Let’s take another trip down memory lane.

A short 10 years ago, there was a phone known as the flip phone. The bells and whistles mostly included the ability to text at an uncomfortably slow pace. And, the coolest thing to do was purchase an affordable ringtone that sounded nothing like the traditional phone. But, also 10 years ago, the iPhone launched into our lives, which began a new wave of smartphone technology. Today, smartphones are used less as a phone and more as a miniature but powerful computer.

A short 5 years ago, if you, unfortunately, missed your favorite TV show and didn’t have it recording to your DVR, you either caught the rerun or watched it awkwardly on your computer screen. Today, while DVRs are still a popular choice, you can catch the missed episode (or the whole series from 10 years ago) online on your smart TV. As smart TVs became more affordable, your TV entertainment became more accessible anytime. (If you have Wabash’s TV service, check out WatchTVEverywhere.)

In 2017, making your home smart and connected continues to evolve. Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: speakers, lights, clocks, window blinds, thermostats, security systems, wearables, doorbells, appliances, virtual assistants, you name it. With all of the smart devices connected to your home’s internet network, your home is more like The Jetsons than you may realize! Let’s take sales on Amazon over the Thanksgiving weekend for instance. Amazon doesn’t reveal any hard numbers, aside from telling us that it sold “millions of Alexa devices” and that customers bought “2.7 times” as many Fire TV Sticks compared to last year. Those “millions” of smart devices have or will be put to use in homes soon.

Looking to the future, as you can expect, the internet and how you use it will continue to change and advance in years to come. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow in device count each year – Intel projects a staggering 200 billion connected objects by 2020. If you’re counting, that’s around 26 smart objects for every human being on earth! Don’t let that scare you – look how far you’ve come in just 10 years!


Wabash has been in business since 1911. Changing, advancing and evolving is a constant in our day-to-day operations. So, if you’ve made a change to the way you use the internet (new device, new home addition, new work-from-home job, etc.) and your internet isn’t working the way you’d hoped, give us a call!