Domain Registration

Registering your domain is step one of your website. This is a unique address where the world can find your website (ie. This step registers your domain name with InterNIC, the internet’s governing body.

Options also include a dedicated certificate with our HTTPS Package, and Security Certificate registration.

Domain Registration: $20.00 per year
HTTPS Package: $2.50 per year
Security Certificate Registration: $85 per year (payable up to 3 years at a time)

Virtual Domain Hosting

Hosting your domain is step two of your website. This is simply renting a space on a web server for your website to reside. Hosting includes 25 emails with 1 GB mailboxes and My Mail filtering, 2 GB of server space for your website, and 75 GB monthly bandwidth transfer.

Virtual Domain Hosting: $25.00 per month
Additional 1 GB of Website Storage: $5.00 per month
Additional Email Address: $3.00 per month
Additional 1GB Email Storage: $3.00 per month

Website Monitoring

Keeping your website live and online is what we strive for. Though, outside factors can pose a threat. Website monitoring actively monitors your website 24/7. If your website would go down, response to the issue will be within minutes.

The details:

  • Active monitoring of HTTP and https services
    • Port 80, 443 or both check to web services
    • 24-hour monitoring with active response and resolution
  • WWW check for a valid response
  • Additional WWW check to a defined page, looking for specific content
    • For example: Fetch and ensure the words “send us a message” exist on the page

Website Monitoring: $10.00 per month

My Mail For Domains

Bring your brand together with a custom email address to match your domain (ie. And, protect your domain and eliminate 95% of all unwanted email with our My Mail Spam and Virus Blocker.

Additional services are available. Contact us for more information.