Slow Speed?

The internet keeps getting faster thanks to new technology and products. In fact, fiber-optic technology can easily handle speeds of up to one gigabit per second – that’s 1,000 megabits per second! Though the uses for such high speeds are limited now, they’ll grow as gig internet becomes more widespread.

However, there is a list of ways to put gig internet to use right now.

Sidenote: In Ohio, 13% of the population has access to fiber, however not all internet service providers with a fiber network offer gigabit speeds. Wabash is excited to continually expand their fiber network and recently began offering gig speed!

Before we start that list, see if you can spot the facts from the myths in this video:

Now, for that list!

  1. Forget About Buffering

Nothing kills the excitement of a movie’s climax like the buffering icon! With gig internet, movie nights are uninterrupted. You could even stream multiple movies simultaneously and surf online, keeping the whole family happy!

  1. Crystal Clear Streaming Quality

Binge on your favorite shows in a whole new way! Streaming services offer multiple viewing qualities depending on your internet speed. With gig internet, you’ll never have to worry about low-quality images.

  1. Upload and Download Files Instantly

Whether you create content to upload or view content you download, you can do both quickly with gig internet. There isn’t time to “set it and forget it” since content can be shared nearly instantly.

  1. Livestream and Videoconference Clearly

When using Skype, FaceTime, Periscope or like services, it’s nearly expected to have a connection problem. It’s never fun when your conversation focuses on resolving grainy images or a freezing video. With gig internet, you can talk, watch and collaborate with family, friends and business associates who are thousands of miles away like they’re in the same room with you.

  1. Take Gaming to the Next Level

Video game graphics are always increasing in quality, so it makes sense to increase your internet speed accordingly. Gig internet gives gamers a seamless experience, and a might even give you an advantage over your opponent on a slower connection.


Wabash offers several different high-speed internet options, including 1 Gig speed in our fiber-serviced neighborhoods. You can also take advantage of extra savings by opting for internet and phone services. If you’ve been interested in gigabit speeds or even increasing your current speed, we’re happy to tell you more!